Dave Long was one of my witnesses in a case involving the collapse of wood trusses in a commercial building. The insurance company initially refused to pay on the claim and we filed a lawsuit. I worked with Dave in preparing him for his deposition and he did an excellent job at the deposition.

When the need arises to have a witness, Dave is just the type of expert you want. He is not only a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgeable and his engaging personality is important when trying to convince a jury. He explains things in a clear manner that laypeople can understand. His testimony ultimately led to an excellent result in the case.

If you may need to file a suit and have an expert on your side, Dave is your man.

Ray Oleson
Oleson Law Corporation
Nevada City, CA 95959

Lincoln, Long & Roman Engineering, Inc. is the firm of choice for Paladin Consulting, Inc.  Our firms have enjoyed a successful ongoing working relationship on projects throughout Northern California.

As public adjusters representing our client’s interests on catastrophic insurance claims involving fire damage, catastrophic storm damage, seismic damage and structural failure, identifying and documenting the full extent of the loss and damage is crucial. Lincoln, Long & Roman Engineering, Inc.’s high caliber of structural engineering services, impartial analysis, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience produces the most complete and comprehensive engineering evaluation and report in the industry.

Furthermore, their commitment to meeting deadlines and to being responsive to inquiries from the field is outstanding. Lincoln, Long & Roman Engineering, Inc.’s unique professional expertise, reasonable fees and exceptional customer relations make them a key asset to our firm and our clients.”

Michael Connaughton
Paladin Consulting, Inc.

After a disastrous winter storm in 2011, our deck was torn away from our house from snow cascading from the roof of our house.  When we went to the insurance company, they sent out a contractor who claimed the collapse was due to the weight of the snow.

The insurance company subsequently denied our claim saying they did not cover the deck or any other “non structure” from collapse due to weight of snow.  After going around with the insurance company for months, we hired Lincoln and Long (Lincoln, Long, and Roman) to investigate our claim.  Clearly, the collapse was due to impact force and not weight of snow and every analysis showed this to be the case.  The insurance company sent the contractor out again, and he made statements about the construction of the deck claiming it was not good construction and should not all be covered by our claim.

Once again Lincoln and Long (Lincoln, Long, and Roman) came back, and David Long crawled all over under the deck and house, took photos, did the analysis and showed the deck was constructed properly and to all codes from the time the deck was built.  Then a structural rendition of a new deck with current codes was completed for submission to the insurance company and other contractors.  While the case drags on, Lincoln and Long (Lincoln, Long, and Roman) performed their part to, and beyond, our expectations.  We appreciate their diligence in this matter.


Bob Yazell

Lincoln, Long, and Roman were instrumental in helping me get to a fair settlement on a complex claim with my insurance company.  When I initially filed the claim with my insurance company, I was under the impression that they would work with me to get my property back to normal.  My eyes were opened after 3 months of no progress, which included an insurance company engineering report that missed multiple, critical facts.

I hired a public adjuster who brought in Lincoln, Long, and Roman.  They quickly started to turn my case in a positive direction. Their sound engineering judgment and ability to get to the root cause of the issues forced the insurance company to deal with the damage in an upfront and fair manner.  Their diligence in nailing the details resulted in the insurance company’s engineer writing up reports which reflected the truth.

At the end of the day, Lincoln, Long, and Roman’s ability to use engineering fundamentals in support of the facts resulted in a fair settlement that was significantly higher than what the insurance company initially proposed.  I highly recommend them to anyone going through an insurance claim with any complexity.

Joe Cronin

Lincoln, Long, and Roman provided prompt, professional, and expert engineering assistance with a complex insurance coverage matter our office handled for a home owner.  Their precise and persuasive reports ultimately convinced the insurer that their position was flawed, which resulted in a substantial settlement for our client. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Neil Dorfman, Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Dorfman and Sitzberger