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Davis Family Home

On or about February 25, 2011, a large oak tree, approximately 30-36” diameter fell onto the home of the Davis Family.  Heavy accumulated snow and high winds appeared to be the cause of the tree’s failure.  The base of the 90 foot tall, Black Oak tree was located 7’ from the north-west corner of the structure and fell at a South-Easterly bearing through the roof of the structure.

Impact Force Analysis by Lincoln, Long and Roman

The calculations attached to this report estimates the impact force generated from the tree’s momentum (mass x velocity/ impact time).  Black Oak trees are very dense and cause extreme damage when they fall on a structure which absorbs the impact force.  The equivalent resultant impact load on the structure was found to be approximately 61,000 pounds or nearly 31 tons.

Roof and Roof Structure/Materials and Construction

  • 2×6 rough-cut cedar rafters at 24” O.C.
  • 2×4 rough cut cedar collar ties / ceiling joists at 16” o.c.
  • Loose (blown-in) fiberglass insulation.
  • 1×6 cedar boards at 12” O.C. skip sheathing
  • Cedar shake roofing (original)
  • Fiberglass asphalt roof shingles applied over building paper over cedar shakes

Damage Assessment

  • Extensive physical destruction and damage throughout due to severe impact forces.
  • Significant roof failure and collapse.
  • Significant number of rafters with complete failure, broken, splintered, collapsed,  displaced.
  • Large hole and collapsed areas have exposed the structure to the elements.
  • Remaining  roof is unstable and presents danger of additional failure / collapse.
  • North facing gable visibly shifted, damaged and out of plumb.
  • Brick chimney destroyed.
  • Roof collapse has left the house in a condition where it is open to the elements, snow and rain


The roof damage is so significant that it is unlikely that the structure can be completely weather-proofed with temporary systems such as tarps or plastic, without undue danger to those performing the work.


The Davis Family    
Grass Valley, CA Initial Ins.Co.Offer $89,000
Final Settlement $196,000
Net Settlement Increase 220%


To Whom It May Concern:

In February of 2011 a tree fell on our house making it inhabitable.  Our insurance company was not willing to see the damage for what it truly was and offered us a low ball number to repair the house.  We decided to take our matter to appraisal in hopes of getting a more realistic offer to repair/rebuild our house.

Lincoln, Long, and Roman were recommended to us through our contractors, as we were told they were the best at what they do. David Long and Tom Roman prepared an invaluable impact damage report for us to use in the appraisal process to show the insurance just how much damage actually was done.

The impact report helped the insurance company to see that in fact there was more damage that they had not seen and accounted for.

In the end our insurance company came around with a more realistic offer and we eventually settled.  We firmly believe that if it was not for the report and time that Lincoln, Long, and Roman spent on our situation we would never have gotten the offer that we deserved.  We would strongly recommend Lincoln, Long, and Roman for any and all engineering needs you might have because they absolutely are the best at what they do!


Shaun & Amie Davis