What We Do

We are licensed architects, engineers, and contractors  that represent insurance policy holders (that’s you) during a property loss claim with the insurance companies.  The loss may have been caused by fire, wind, flood, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake….and we have been doing this since 1977.

Most engineers and architects represent the interests of the insurance companies, while Lincoln, Long, & Roman ensure that you, the policy holder, get what you deserve!!

As licensed professionals, we provide an objective opinion as to the severity of the property damage by thoroughly assessing the “evident” loss, as well as potential impacts which may not be addressed by the insurance companies and their engineer(s).

Lincoln, Long, & Roman partner with a public adjuster (PA), who dissects your insurance policy’s “fine print”, interprets policy limits, and maximizes settlement amounts using our detailed “Building Damage Assessments.”

Our design professionals utilize innovative and state-of-the-art forensic techniques and solid engineering and architectural practices to determine causation and the integrity of building assemblies.

We use CADD programs and photorealistic 2D graphic imaging and 3D modeling to generate drawings for maximum settlement payout.

Before the stress of dealing with the insurance company takes over, talk to us.

Check with us by calling 530-273-0503 before you sign any settlement papers with the big insurance companies.