The Old California Restaurant Initial Ins. Co. Offer NPR
Grass Valley, CA Final Settlement NPR
Net Settlement Increase 205%
[Expected]  NPR + Not of Public Record

Two years ago we had a fire that destroyed our family business of 25 years.  This building was also the home to members of our family. The insurance company came right in and promised to take care of everything and promised that they “had our backs”.

They had their teams run the damage appraisals and came up with an offer to us, all the while patting themselves on the back for a job well done.  We did not agree with the numbers they were presenting to us and decided to hire a private adjuster to work for us and also hired Lincoln, Long & Roman to do a forensic engineering report.  We knew this group from other engineering projects and knew they came highly recommended by the local community.

Lincoln, Long & Roman generated a report showing that the insurance company’s numbers were 1/3 of what the correct value was to replace the property!  The insurance company maintained this building could be replaced for the low amount they had offered. Lincoln, Long & Roman’s report showed it could not.  LL&R’s report was so detailed, thorough and complete, and the time frame they worked in was very efficient.

This process ended up in an arbitration and Lincoln, Long & Roman then went to the hearings on our behalf, to represent our family in that process. Due to their efforts and hard work, we were awarded the remainder of the amount of what Lincoln, Long & Roman appraised, or triple the original offer from the insurance company!  This group was amazing, the dedication and detail made all the difference in the arbitration.

Without hesitation we would highly recommend Lincoln, Long and & Roman. Thank you so much for standing behind us and helping us through such a challenging and emotional time.


Ron Curtis