How Important is Obtaining Representation in an Insurance Claim??

Posted by on Dec 3, 2012

As a property owner, you may experience a loss from fire, wind, snow loading, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disasters. So the question is, when filing a claim with your insurance company should you seek professional representation to ensure your settlement is fair?

The answer is…ALWAYS!!  Do not rely solely on your insurance company’s claims adjuster, contractor, and engineer.  More times than not, they will minimize the damage and subsequently minimize your settlement!

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in this position, we always suggest you seek consultation with a Public Adjuster (PA) and/or a Forensic Engineer that do not work for the insurance companies

Most of time the initial consultation with the Public Adjuster is free and often a PA will review your policy, dissect the fine print, and determine whether or not you’re getting a fair shake.  If you are not, consider protecting your interests by retaining a good Public Adjuster who teams with a forensic engineer and a contractor and often times costs you nothing out of pocket.